About us

Day by day, people think of things but don’t always want to say it out loud.  Since 2015 provocative thoughts has been one of the web’s leading Internet based t-shirt brands. Started by Butch Grimes who grew up in the heart of the Hood in South Central Los Angeles.  Butch decided to make t-shirts because he wanted people to express their thoughts, have fun, laugh, look good and wear what they are thinking.

We like keeping it simple, black and white shirts that are you-nique.

That’s right, YOU-NIQUE shirts!

The T-shirts brands well researched, high-quality thought provoking words right at the front.

With everyday sayings that admirers will love… like:

  • Aging parents are expensive
  • It’s expensive to be broke
  • Never assume I’m paying

You can easily wear your thoughts for each day out there in an innovative way for people to see; and it even puzzles their heart to have a better understanding of the things you’re thinking of or going through.  In addition, with the provocative thoughts relationship T-shirts, you can let people know damn straight if you’re single, not married, in a relationship, or don’t do drama before they even approach you.  They are comfortable, casual, loosely fitted, and our heavyweight black or white color T-shirts will quickly become one of your favorites.  Provocative thoughts… Now people will know what you’re thinking!